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Articulation Menus for /r/

For me, finding targets and activities for articulation at the word and sentence level is fairly easy. I can do a lot with flashcards! Things get more tricky when looking for fun activities that get in lots of trials at the structured or unstructured conversation levels! So many of my students as these levels still benefit from reading the words as well. One of my favorite activities for students beyond the structured sentence level are my Articulation Menus. I wanted a way to target specific forms of /r/ with these menus, so I made an /r/ specific one! Check it out!


In this product, there are 18 included menus targeting the following:

–Prevocalic /r/ (2 menus + 3 bonus menus from original Articulation Menus product)

–”air” (2 menus)

–”or” (2 menus)

–Blends (3 menus)

–”er” (3 menus)

–”ear” (1 menu)

–”ire” (1 menu)

–”ar” (1 menu)

See some examples of menus below:

Slide04     Slide11      Slide15

Additionally, I included several activities to use in conjunction with the menus!

-Reinforcer games

-Companion worksheets (see below, all B&W)

—My Shopping List, Design a Restaurant, My Order, My Restaurant Report, Describe That Menu Item

I love pairing the black and white worksheets with the menus. See one example below:


My favorite worksheet that lasts for several sessions are the Design Your Own Restaurant sheets. For some groups, we pull out laptops and even design them in PowerPoint! My students have been so incredibly motivated by thinking of foods containing their sounds, prices containing their sounds, locations containing their sounds, and making a silly restaurant pulling it all together!

If you download the preview file on Teachers Pay Teachers, you can see examples of even more menus and worksheets, including the Design Your Own Restaurant sheets!

Click the images below to check out the products on Teachers Pay Teachers:

Slide01     Slide01     Slide1

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