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Using There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover in Speech and Language Therapy


The Old Lady books go together with SLPs like peanut butter and jelly. They are amazing books for their repetitive nature and silly sense of humor. This week will be all about St. Patrick’s Day in my speech room! Below are some ideas of how I use There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover in speech and language therapy!

First, I made a book attachment for the book. To save time and money, I used Aleene’s Tack It on the interactive pieces.


You can check out this amazing adhesive on Amazon by clicking here!

I put two small dots, let them dry, and voila! I like using dots as it keeps the pieces slightly raised so they are easy for little hands to grab and move. Below is how I set up my interactive attachment.


As I read the book, I have my students use the sentence strip at the bottom of the attachment to tell me what the old lady swallowed. This is perfect for my students working on past tense and/or MLU!

After reading the book, I have my students sequence the events in the story. Many of my students need to look through the book to sequence so many events. I use the visual shown below:


Then, depending on my student’s goals, I have them complete some of the graphic organizers shown below.

We can describe items from the book:


Or compare and contrast them:


We talk about things we already know about the items in the book and things we want to know. Then, we look it up and fill out the things we learned section! I love doing this with my older language students!


We can also look up definitions, synonyms, and antonyms for words found in the book, and describe the words! This is great for vocabulary growth and comprehension of the book in general.


All of these worksheets (and the interactive attachments), can be found in this product. It includes attachments for 20 different books! I use them all the time!

After reading, I have each student grab a March newsletter and take it home to show their parents all of the fun and fabulous things they are learning about in speech and language therapy!


I work with students aged 3 through 1st grade (primarily), therefore I don’t customize this newsletter much, however for some students I do (i.e., AAC users, articulation only students). They are editable so that makes customization super fast and easy! You can check out these newsletters (I have one for each month!) by clicking here.  For some students, I also send home a monthly vocabulary list which is also included in the product!

What do you do in your speech room to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I’d love more ideas!

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