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Valentine’s Day – Unthinkables Style!

Looking for a quick and easy idea for around Valentine’s Day that uses the Unthinkables Curriculum by Michelle Garcia Winner?

Try writing cards from different Unthinkables!

What would Mean Jean write? What would Glassman write?

 Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.43.44 AM

For a social group, I wrote out 8 cards and hid them around! The group found a card and had to decide what Unthinkable wrote it! Then, they searched for the picture of that Unthinkable. On the back of the picture was a clue to the next valentine! It was crazy fun, the kids loved it, and I was super impressed with how well they inferred what Unthinkable wrote each valentine.

In case they forgot the names of some, or forgot which ones were choices, we used this visual:

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 11.39.16 AM

You could also have your kiddos think of creative ideas and write their own valentines from some of their favorite Unthinkables!

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time of the year for all things pragmatics, isn’t it?

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