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Easy EET Thanksgiving Turkeys


Looking for a super easy idea for Thanksgiving? Try making these adorable EET turkeys!!


I used a FREE downloadable template that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers and printed directly onto the construction paper. No tracing necessary! Download the template here.


I gave each kiddo a pile of paper strips as shown above and had them pick the feathers they needed to make an EET turkey. They even added an eyeball on one of the white feathers!


Below are two turkeys, one for the EET and one that I made with another kiddo. Crafts are fantastic because you can target so much with them including concepts and following directions!


How cute are they? And it took about 10 minutes to prep a few of them!

PS: I have my students glue the feathers onto the backs of the body first. Silly me (it was early on a Saturday) forgot to reverse the order. When I do it again, I’ll put the green feather to the left most side and reverse the order so it makes more sense! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy making some fantastic turkeys!

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