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My favorite of favorite ways to find speech therapy ideas, materials, and activities is Pinterest. While you can come up with tons of ideas just following your speech loving friends, following these awesome Pinterest boards will make sure you’re seeing the best, newest, and most creative ideas out there! So get following, and pinning!

1) Speech-Language Therapy Blog Posts: My personal favorite Pinterest board for great speech therapy ideas!

2) SLPs on TpT: A great board to find new speech and language materials for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.

3) Speechie Freebies: A board for FREE speech and language materials!

4) Speech and Language Collaborative: More great pins all about speech and language ideas!

The next few boards are for a variety of SLPs, regardless of the setting. Thanks to Consonantly Speaking for setting most of these up!

5) Pediatric SLP Bloggers

6) Preschool SLP Bloggers

7) Early Childhood SLP Bloggers

8) School-Age SLP Bloggers

9) Speech Therapy: Middle School and High School

10) Adult Population SLP Bloggers

While you’re over on Pinterest, I’d love you to follow me!! Just click here to check out my boards!

Any other great collaborative SLPs boards I missed? Let me know in the comments! Happy pinning!

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    June 9, 2015 at 9:33 AM

    What a fantastic resource! I am somewhat new to Pinterest but have been blogging for years. My site, The Independent Clinician (http://www.IndependentClinician.com) provides resources for SLPs to learn how to treat their own private clients. I have found a brand new audience on Pinterest.

    Thank you for these board suggestions!

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