Real Vocabulary Pro App Review

Lately, I feel like my motto has been, “When life gets crazy,  use apps!” Things have been insane around here lately and having go-to apps to use has been amazing. That’s why I’ve dedicated this week to app reviews! Come back each day this week for another app review to help you finish the school year strong!! Some might even have some giveaways 😉


Up today is… Real Vocabulary Pro by Virtual Speech Center Inc. Click on any of the pictures throughout this review to check out more about this app, or click here!

When you open the app, you are able to customize what your students see. You can choose a grade level and activity: synonyms, antonyms, idioms, definitions, or multiple meaning words. Just check what you want (you can choose multiple things to target at the same time) and go!


Then, you can customize whether you want the app to target expressive or receptive language.


As you can see from the screenshots above, the app allows you to take data as well! The fork shows you how many trials you have done.

Check out some of the images below to see the some of the various types of questions/levels included in this app:

Antonym (What is the opposite of ________?)


Definition (What is _______?)


Multiple Meaning Words (What else can _________ mean?)

IMG_0360 IMG_0361

Idioms (What did he/she/they mean?)


Like I said earlier, the app also takes data!! Check out some examples of what it can do below:

IMG_0362 IMG_0363 IMG_0364

Another thing to note is that the app also includes mini games you can play (chef/restaurant themed) which is great when you need a quick, related reinforcer! They are quick and easy to learn!


Vocabulary is SO important and I target it often. I love having an app to pull up quickly. The graphics are cute I like the fact there are reinforcer activities built in for kiddos who need it! Virtual Speech Center is great and I appreciate having the vocabulary words broken up by grade level for easy differentiation. Additionally, you can customize words lists as well. One thing I wish I could add is that the app gave you a way to teach the vocabulary. I consider this app more of a progress monitoring tool because it is set up like a test. It doesn’t necessarily teach the vocabulary words or give your student an opportunity to interact with the words.

 If you’re curious, this app is $29.99 and available in the App Store here!

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