S…peachy Feedback for January

I am so excited to join Allison’s Speech Peeps again for the Speachy Feedback Linky Party!! I didn’t participate last month because I’m a terrible blogger and took some time off 😉

I just recently got this feedback on my newest product and LOVED it so I decided to share.

I appreciate detailed, kind, amazing, wonderful, thoughtful feedback more than you could ever know!!

I recently made a fun packet of worksheets that I think is perfect for those of you who work in a middle and/or high school! You can use them with music lyrics and artist information! Meagan Jones wrote:

“I was SO excited to see this product! I have many students who are very into music and I love the idea of incorporating music into therapy. I love how you have taken a topic of interest that can be used with such a wide variety of students and applied it to so many aspects of our job. This is such a wonderful multi-purpose, functional and motivating tool that I will be using with my students from 1st – 5th grade and groups ranging from articulation to fluency to language to social. Thank you so much!”

FANTASTIC! If you’re interested in seeing this product, click here! It’s definitely a motivating one!

Thanks for reading, and Meagan Jones: email me for ANY product from my store!

 Check out the entire linky party here to see if you won any products from other sellers!

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