Speechy Musings Blogiversary: Gripcase iPad Case Review


Welcome to day 8 of this exciting blogiversary celebration! Speechy Musings has been around for a whole year! If you want to see the lineup of giveaways for the blogiversary, check out the post here! Today is the last giveaway of the bunch but I’ve had so much fun!! Thanks to you all for participating!


So this case is AWESOME. I even took off my “adult” case and took my iPad to Mexico in this case!! Check it out:


I love, love, love the handles on this case! I didn’t realize how much of a difference simple handles would make, but it’s so much easier to stare endlessly at my iPad now đŸ˜‰ Below are some pictures of front and back of the case:

P1050184 P1050185

Additionally, you can purchase a stand (needs to be purchased separately, not included in the giveaway) for the case! Again, LOVE this stand. Check it out below:

P1050192 P1050191 P1050190 P1050189 P1050188 P1050187

I like that it can hold the iPad in multiple positions. I didn’t get a good picture of this, but there is also a nice slit in the bottom of the stand, which is genius for charging your iPad when it’s in the case!!  The area in the back would be nice for storing a stylus!

I should mention that I had this case on while I was taking pictures for another review and I just straight up dropped my iPad (first time ever!!!) and it landed screen down… nothing happened!! It didn’t even sound like a hard landing. The handles are raised a bit from the screen so I think they take a lot of the pressure on a fall like that.

One critique (and I think it’s mostly how I put the case on) is that my iPad screen protector was kind of pulled up after I kept the case on for a few weeks. I wasn’t happy about this because I had an expensive screen protector, but it wasn’t bad. I took the case off to shake the sand out (true story) and when I put the case back on I was careful to make sure the case didn’t tug funny on the screen protector. I took it off a week later and the problem seemed to go away, so I think you just need to put it on carefully!

Overall, this is my favorite iPad case, and I sadly have four. It definitely makes the iPad bulky, if you’re not into that, but I feel like it provides the iPad with security and it’s so easy to hold!! Even the patients I work with at the nursing home have no trouble holding it, and they felt uncomfortable holding the iPad before that! Success!

Gripcase is a wonderful company and has offered to give one Speechy Musings reader a Gripcase of their own! Note: This giveaway is for the case only, not the stand! Enter the giveaway below:

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