Edublog Awards: PLEASE VOTE



I hope by now you’ve heard about the amazing Edublog awards! Many speech bloggers have been nominated this year, so click here and head on over to vote in each category for your favorites!

You can vote for as many people as you like, but you can only vote once per person!

I am SO THANKFUL to have made the final cuts in two categories (Best New Blog and Best Resource Sharing Blog). To make it easy for you, you can vote below!


Click on the up arrow in the bottom left corner of the Speechy Musings box (or whoever you are voting for). You will have to choose an account if you don’t already have one through listly. Simply click on Google+ if you have a Gmail account, Facebook if you have a Facebook account, etc… and log in! You may need to go back and click the up arrow again to make sure your vote has been registered! If it worked, you should see the number go up one and the up arrow will turn blue!

If you have ANY questions, please comment below or email me at speechymusings@gmail.com anytime!!

I appreciate EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU for your vote, as do all of the other amazing SLP bloggers that have been nominated!!

Again, I’ve only shown the 2 categories I was nominated in above, but feel free to click here to vote for all of other categories! Show your speech pride! You can read a post by Sublime Speech here that details what speech bloggers were nominated in each category to make it easy!

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