Speechy Musings Blogiversary: KidBox iPad Case Review

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Welcome to day 8 of this exciting blogiversary celebration! Speechy Musings has been around for a whole year! If you want to see the lineup of giveaways for the blogiversary, check out the post here! There will be 10 days of giveaways so make sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything!


So so excited to share my review and giveaway of the KidBox iPad Case from KaysCase.

And do I have a story for you guys about this one!! I had time one afternoon and was so excited to put this case on test it out. I took some pictures of it while it was packaged, and then unwrapped the whole thing. When you open it, it comes with a plastic insert, probably to keep the product from bending or flattening during transit.


Well being stubborn like I am, I just went to town on this case attempting to pull the plastic piece out of the case. It WOULD NOT budge. So I pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and broke the piece of plastic!


At this point, I am frustrated and wondering how I’ll ever write this review if I can’t even get the plastic out, let alone my iPad in!! As I stand up I see the instructions, notice that there is a slit in the back of the case which is how you take the iPad in and out of the case.

IMG_0281 P1050520

UGH. So lesson learned. Read the instructions!!


Once I figured that out, I really loved this case!! I was initially worried about some of the Amazon reviews that said the iPad didn’t stand up well with the stand. I put mine on a table and on carpet with the stand on.

 P1050531 P1050533 P1050535 P1050536

Every time I poked it, it did wiggle a little, but it never fell or got close to falling. I suppose if a kid poked hard it might tip, but then at least it’s got a case on it 🙂 If you are worried about it falling, you can always put it like this:


Or just lay it flat! Check out how the case looks flat (front & back) below:

P1050527 P1050525

See that nice slit that I somehow missed?! Haha. I really like how the stand can work as a carrying case as well:


Overall, this case is great. The only weakness I could see is if your iPad spends most of it’s time upright. Otherwise, it’s incredibly durable, a great material (flexible but your iPad isn’t going anywhere), pretty and colorful, and very functional! OH! I should also mention that it is incredibly reasonably priced when compared to other cases at only $19.99 on Amazon. Check out the link below:

KaysCase is amazing and is giving one of these fabulous iPad cases to a wonderful reader! Enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win 1 KidBox iPad Case from KaysCase!

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