Speechy Musings Blogiversary: SLP Canvas Tote Review


Welcome to day 4 of this wonderful blogiversary celebration! Speechy Musings has been around for a whole year! If you want to see the lineup of giveaways for the blogiversary, check out the post here! There will be 10 days of giveaways so make sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything!


Okay this giveaway is really awesome! Maybe I’m weird, but I LOVE bags! This one is perfect for toting (ha!) my binders/materials to my externship. I love it!

This is how my beautiful bag came packaged. I love when sellers do this, as it makes it all just that much more exciting and special!

IMG_0262 IMG_0261

 I also love how small it packages up! Great for gift giving when space is an issue. And also for hoarders like me :)

Below are some pictures of the bag so you can see it’s approximate size!

IMG_0260 IMG_0259 IMG_0258

In those pictures, it is holding 3 binders and 1 stuffed folder. I’d say that is probably the max to this bag, unless you had skinner and tall items to fit in next to the binders.

Below you can see the bag from the front:

IMG_0256 IMG_0255

I can assure you that the bag is quality. It has been through some torture situations at my externship including getting dragged across the floor after getting stuck under a rolly chair and getting drenched in the rain! Still looks like new!

You can see these bags in Louisiana Bling’s Etsy Store here and see her entire store here.

I should mention that the bag comes in different colors too, so see her store for options. I went with red because I love how it looks with the canvas and because red reminds me of my Wisconsin Badgers!

Louisiana Bling has graciously offered to give away one bag to a lucky Speechy Musings reader, so for your chance, enter the Rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Lovely comments

  1. Katelyn Cantrell says

    I NEED a bag like this! My super duper bag broke but I bet this would be even better than that one! (And we all know how great the super duper bags are!)

  2. Sharon Swindell says

    I think black is my fav. color. It coordinates well with all my other bags! I think SLPs are true “bag ladies”!

  3. Deidre says

    Oh, red, glorious red!! I like black but love red. This is a huge bag! Would really be nice to cart things home in just one bag instead of two.

  4. Cody says

    It might jist be the lighting but the blue Keep Calm and Speech On bag totally snags my attention. Awesome that there are teacher ones too. New gift ideas already forming. Thanks!

  5. Emily says

    I would want the bag in black, but I would love if they came in purple as it’s my favorite color. I think this is your giveaway that I would want to win the most :) Thanks for your generosity!

  6. says

    I have this bag and am a traveling SLP. Everywhere I go ladies comment on how much they love it. It has a small inside pocket where I keep my keys so I don’t have to search for them. I have had this bag for almost a year now and I carry it everywhere with me every day. I really love how sturdy it is and how well made it is, it is still in perfect condition (I usually break a bag in less than 3 months)! It’s cute and all about speech, what more could you ask for?!

  7. Carly Gordon says

    I missed out on the SuperDuper bags this year at ASHA and would LOVE a pink or black bag :) They’re so CUTE! Thank you for doing a giveaway :)

  8. Carrie says

    I like the Red! What SLP can have too many bags, right?!? Especially if you travel at all… I love that it is heavy duty canvas!

  9. Judy Hale says

    LOVE this bag! I would so choose PINK as it is my favorite color, and the color of flamingos! I had a plain bag like this, but it got kinda ruined when coffee spilled on it, so if I had this one, I would keep the coffee far, far away (plus, it’s a bummer spilling my coffee, cause I really need it).


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