Speechy Musings Blogiversary: Matrix Categories Review


Welcome to day 1 of this fabulous blogiversary celebration! Speechy Musings has been around for a whole year! If you want to see the lineup of giveaways for the blogiversary, check out the post here! There will be 10 days of giveaways so make sure to check back often so you don’t miss anything!


First up is a product I know you’ll love! It’s Matrix Categories by Therapics. Note, that there is some prep involved when you purchase this product (normal cutting and Velcro-ing type stuff) but the lucky winner will receive an assembled product ready for use!

The product comes with everything shown below:


The product comes with 1 storage page for all of the icons included.


I love, love, love how there are pictures of each icon beneath the Velcro as well. Makes it much easier to clean up. So easy that your students can do it for you ;)

Additionally, as part of this product you will receive 2 pages of the matrix grids for your students to use during the activity.


To use these, simply put the black and white category card on one end and have your students fill up the row with the items in that category. I like this activity because it makes it easy to increase/decrease the difficulty. For students just beginning on category work, only pull off cards from two categories, OR do one category with a few foils! For your higher level students you could work up to separating 8 categories at once!


As some of you know, I’m doing my adult externship this semester and I’ve actually used this product with my adults! Some of them don’t really understand a “category” very well, and so much memory works involves categories, or at least being able to understand them! So I’ve loved starting with this product to teach the concept!

You can find this amazing product in Therapics Etsy store here. Check out the entire store here for TONS of other products that look amazing. She specializes in visual aids for children (hence the name Therapics) so if you have a need for anything like this, seriously go to her store!!

Enter the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win your own copy of Matrix Categories! I’ll pick one lucky winner late Wednesday night (12/04/13) so ENTER NOW!

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Lovely comments

  1. Deidre says

    Wow! I think i need to browse etsy more. The Therapics adjectives matrix looks just as cool as the categories one. Thanks for bringing her store to my attention :)

  2. Joy says

    Thank you for all of your wonderful products and for this give away! I wish I knew how to post a picture but I don’t.

  3. Carrie says

    Oh, the things you could find on Etsy! This looks like a great store with relavant items. I like the way their Matrix items are set up. Thanks for a giveaway and Happy Blogiversary!!

  4. lindsay miller says

    I love the therapics kids cafe pack! I have never heard of this Etsy shop before and think it is pretty awesome! Thanks for blogging about it.

  5. Becky says

    I NEVER would have ever thought to look on Etsy for visuals but now I know!!! These are awesome, I love how clean and crisp images look !


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