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Love It & List It Linky: Articulation Apps

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Jenna from Speech Room News (as if you didn’t already know) is amazing and has hosted another wonderful linky, bringing together bloggers and readers to share our favorite articulation apps!


My “Articulation” folder on my iPad is definitely the most developed, so I’m very excited to share my favorites!


1) Articulation Station Pro: From what I can tell, this app has the most SLP recommendations in this linky of all the articulation apps so that should be enough proof that it really, really rocks!


2) Speech FlipBook: This app is great! Because it doesn’t rely on pictures, you get larger variety of words. It is also organized INCREDIBLY well and so customizable. Check out my review of Speech FlipBook here to see more!


3) Articulate It!: A great app by Smarty Ears. For tons of info and screenshots, check out my previous review of this app here.


4) The Entire World of R: This app is very different from other artic apps which is why it made my top 5! It is in a flipbook format instead of picture after picture drill. Great for mixing it up!


5) Articulation Scenes: This was my first iPad purchase, and I’m still a huge fan! Includes several different games and even printable worksheets!

So there you have it! I would absolutely recommend ANY of these apps if you’re looking to buy one! Thanks for reading!

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