All About Social Skills: Packet One

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This is a 91-page packet targeting:
1) Personal Space
2) Dealing with Anger
3) Being a Good Friend


For personal space, the following is included:

-Social Story (in color and black & white)

Slide13 Slide15 Slide16
-Expected vs Unexpected Behavior Sort

Slide18 Slide19
-Black and White Homework Sheets

-Personal Space Reminder Cards (simple cards)

Slide20 Slide22
-Personal Space Visual + Activity

For dealing with anger, the following is included:
-Social Story (in color and black & white)
-Expected vs Unexpected Behavior Sort

-Black and White Homework Sheets
-Break Reminder Cards (simple cards; “I need a break”)

Slide42 Slide43
-Feeling Visuals

-Dealing with Anger Situation Cards

For being a good friend, the following is included:
-Social Story (in color and black & white)
-Expected vs Unexpected Behavior Sort
-Black and White Homework Sheets
-Good Friend Reminder Cards (simple cards)

-Good Friend Posters

-Being a Good Friend Situation Cards
(for being a good friend, six skills are emphasized: complimenting, taking turns/sharing, asking questions, playing, cheering friends up, and helping friends)

Throughout the product, pictures were chosen to be clear and understandable to your kiddos! Visuals are provided whenever possible!

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