Fall Themed Speech and Language Packet

In an attempt to make a big, functional packet for various times throughout the year, I’ve created a Fall Themed Speech and Language Packet!


It is very similar to my Back to School Speech and Language Packet, so if you got that and loved it, you will probably love this as well! 🙂




Click here to buy it from Teachers Pay Teachers!

This is a great addition to your fall themed speech and language therapy! It contains…

-Fall Themed Bingo
5 Bingo Boards, 16 Description Cards, 16 Picture Cards
Use the Bingo Picture Cards and match them to the Description Cards to target fall themed vocabulary words!

-Fall Themed Barrier Games
3 Picture Scenes, 1 page of item pictures, 1 page of instructions
Students should sit around a table with a barrier between them. (books, file folders, or binders work as barriers). Every player should have the same background and items. The players take turns giving the other players specific directions on how to arrange the materials in front of them. The goal of the game is to have all the players’ materials look the same at the end of the activity.

-Fall Board Games
1 in black and white; 1 in color. You can use the black and white one as a do-a-dot if preferred.

-Fall Do-a-Dot Sheets (3)
Great reinforcers for any goal!

-Fall Conversation Cards
10 scarecrow cards with fun questions to discuss fall!

-Back to School Black and White Homework/Worksheets
Roll-a-Word (2): Write four articulation words in the boxes at the top. Have your students roll a die and cross them off as they say each word.
Fill the Tree: A cut and glue activity that is perfect for articulation practice & homework. Write a word on each apple/leaf beforehand.
Favorite Fall Things: Two worksheets (one with only drawing) for your students to write/draw their favorite fall things.
My Fall Weekend: A fun worksheet for your students to sequence, draw, and write about their fall weekend.
Color the Fall Scene: 4 receptive language
Bubble Chart Describing: Fill in each bubble with a descriptor of different fall items (e.g. leaf, acorn, pumpkin, tree, apple).

-Fall Themed Books Booklist
Contains 5 books with a fall theme. Print and send home as ideas for the home, or use in your speech room!

-Fall Sequencing
Two-Step: Also known as first, then. Would be good for simple cause/effect as well. Have your students use the sorting mat to arrange the two events in order. There are labels on the side to keep your cards organized.
There are 1 3-step, 1 4-step, and one 6-step. Each of these larger sequencing can be broken into smaller sequences (2-6) easily so you can customize them based on each student’s level. Use the included number cards to have your students match the order.

-Build A Sentence (like my sentence creation packets)
Arrange the cards on the included mat to form fun fall themed sentences.

-Fall Themed Social Scenarios
Challenge your students to solve these social scenarios. Have them answer the questions on the bottom of the card after reading the scenario. Includes a blank page of people, and a blank card on every page for customization.

-Fall Themed Non-Fiction Fact Cards
Incorporate fun fall facts with these comprehension cards. At the bottom of each card is a couple comprehension questions to assess your student’s comprehension of the passage!

You can purchase it in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here or my Teachers Notebook store here.


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