Beautiful Ballerina Sentences for Sentence Formulation


This is a great packet for the girls on your caseload who need work on sentence formulation and WH- questions! Can also be used to open dialogue about perspective taking and silly vs realistic sentences using the Reflect! cards (see below).

Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here!

To Play:
Mix and match to create “beautiful ballerina” themed sentences. Once a student has a complete sentence formed, you can experiment with word order. “Can you put the ‘when’ card last?” “What about the ‘who’ card?”
The last sheet can be used as homework, or for your students to practice creating their own sentences!

Additionally, in this packet, I’ve included Reflect! question cards (8). These encourage your students to reflect on if their sentences make sense, if they are realistic, how the girl in the story might feel, to create a narrative based on their sentences, and more!


24 ‘who’ cards (the first 8 are just pictures, the second 8 have names on them such as Twirling Tina, the last 8 have a spot on the bottom if you wish you fill in your students’ names)
24 ‘what’ cards with actions on them (ex: will go to dance class)
24 ‘where’ cards with places on them (ex: on a movie set)
8 ‘when’ cards (ex: tomorrow)
24 ‘why’ cards (ex: so she doesn’t get in trouble)
1 visual/mat
1 homework page/worksheet
8 Reflect! question cards (ex: How does the girl in the sentence feel?)

See below for example pictures of each type of page included:

Slide04 Slide06

Slide09 Slide12

Slide13 Slide16


You can purchase this packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

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