All About Verbs: A Verb and Sentence Creation Packet


This packet is all about verbs! Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.  It targets past, present, and future tenses in an easy to understand way. Great for kids with autism or younger children!

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I made this packet because many packets targeting parts of speech didn’t include adequate visuals for many of my kiddos. The graphics in this packet are very salient and easy to understand for our kids!

The packet includes:


Pages 3-13: Verb flashcards. Can use for teaching, receptive language tasks, memory, and more!


Pages 14-24: “Who” verb question cards. Each card asks, “Who is ______” with four picture options.

Page 25: What is a verb? Poster.


Pages 26-43: Subject, object, verb, and time cards for sentence creation mats. The verb cards can be used for verb sorting as well. (aka mini-cards)


Pages 44-45: Verb sorts (by tense).

Page 46: Past Tense Poster.


Pages 47-57: Past tense multiple choice cards. Complete the sentence with the correct tense.

Page 58: Irregular vs Regular verb sort mat.

Pages 59-61: Past tense sentence creation mats.

Page 62: Present Tense Poster.

Pages 63-73: Present tense multiple choice cards. Complete the sentence with the correct tense.

Pages 74-75: Present tense sentence creation mats.

Page 76: Future Tense Poster.


Pages 77-87: Future tense multiple choice cards. Complete the sentence with the correct tense.

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Pages 88-90: Future tense sentence creation mats.

Below is how I would recommend using the packet. Feel free to adapt it as needed for your caseload needs:First, make sure the child knows the verbs by using the verb flashcards, then the “Who” verb question cards. Progress from receptive tasks (e.g. “Point to listen.”) to expressive tasks (e.g.: “What is the boy doing?”) Show & explain the What is a Verb? Poster. Discuss the purpose of verbs.
Begin with the tense of your choice. Show the corresponding poster. Have the child note the color & the arrow. Use the corresponding multiple choice cards, again pointing out the colored arrow if the child gets stuck.
Note: If beginning with past tense, use the irregular vs regular verb sort first! Practice using the mini cards on pages 26-43 to determine tense.
3) Move to the sentence creation mats. Begin with the first mat (with the least squares). Use the cards on pages 26-43. Laminate and Velcro so the child can easily place and remove the squares on the mat. Either provide prompts of your own, or show the child one of the verb flashcards. Ask them to create a sentence about that card using the designated tense and provided mini-cards. (e.g.: Who is in the picture? Is it a boy or a girl? Should we use the word “is” or “will”? What is he/she doing? Let’s find the right cards!”)

Check out the packet in my Teachers Pay Teachers store here.

For more information, feel free to email me at and I’d be happy to help!

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  1. Reply
    April 23, 2016 at 5:06 PM

    I have just bought this and I am actually printing this resource right now as I am typing to you.
    One request is – if you don’t mind – in the future, could you make your copyright watermark a little bit lighter, as in, using a medium-light grey?
    It is just that some of my ASD kids can be really distracted by little details and I worry that they would read ‘c speechy musings’ many times.
    For now, after laminating them I will cut out a bit more on the right….

    1. Reply
      April 25, 2016 at 12:48 PM

      Thanks for the suggestion! I can absolutely consider that for products in the future. Hope you enjoy the product!

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