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This semester, I am working with adults, many of which have dementia. I’ve been studying endlessly on the topic and decided to create my second resource page! If you are interested in my dysphagia reference page, click here. Below are my favorite dementia resources:

–FREE Online Resources–

Dementia Basics: Includes normal brain functioning vs brain function in dementia, causes of dementia, the impact of dementia on healthcare, and the meaning of dementia.

ASHA: ASHA’s info page on dementia including what it is, how it’s diagnosed, possible treatment options, and so much more! A must read!


Northern Speech Services: Click on the dementia tab to see a wide course selection for CEUs.

The Speech Team Inc.: Offers a Comprehensive Dementia course for 2.2 ASHA CEUs.

SpeechPathology.com: Offers unlimited CEU courses for $99 a year including many on dementia.

–Reference Materials/Books-


The Dementia Queen: A great blog with many tips on working with those with dementia!

The 25 Best Alzheimer Blogs of 2013: A great list of blogs! Many from a patient’s perspective!

The Upside to Dementia: A blog written by 2 daughters about their father who has dementia. Great family perspective!


Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens: This is my favorite list, and while general to senior citizens, is organized well with many great affordable options.

Top Five Apps for People with Dementia: Some good app ideas! Encourages you to find apps that fit your client’s old hobbies.

Apple Community: A forum with many great app ideas.

–Facebook Group–

Dementia Aware: A group for caregivers & family members! A great resource to recommend!

–Pinterest Boards–

My Dementia Pinterest board (which will definitely be growing throughout the semester!)

Dementia Board One: A huge board (319 pins as of 09/03/13) and some amazing resources!

A Dementia and Alzheimer’s board from FirstLight HomeCare.

Know of more? Let me know so I can add them! Let’s grow this resource page!

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