Top Five Products for SLP Graduate Students

So if it isn’t already, money is going to be TIGHT. Trust me… I get it! But the products below have been some of my favorite during schools, and I think you’ll love them too!


1) A Tervis mug: A must have! It’s perfect for coffee (aka the only thing that will keep you alive some days). I also mega splurged and got myself the red Keurig below which I don’t regret one bit.

2) Clipboards: A must have clinic accessory! I had one of these for each client! These ones on Amazon are awesome and reasonably priced! Clipboards make taking data much easier, especially when you’re on the move with an active client. They are also useful for holding extra papers and reinforcers like stickers!

3) Lamination: Unless your school provides this for you, BUY A LAMINATOR! These ones on Amazon are a fantastic deal. Why is lamination worth it? Because everything you make can last for your career. If you spend time finding/purchasing/making/assembling products now, you can start a collection that will be so useful when you begin your career!

4) A Big HUGE Bag: I use this bag from Vera Bradley, but feel free to find any ginormous bag of choice. It should be able to hold a large binder (or several), some textbooks, therapy materials, and 2 meals haha. I also have a backpack but my materials were too large for the backpack for most of the semester!

5) iPad: My boyfriend surprised me with one of these halfway through first semester and it’s been an amazing addition to my therapy tools! Not only can you use it in therapy, but you can take notes and such on it when you want/need something more portable! Also think of all of the app giveaways & reviews you’ll be able to participate in!

AND if you can’t afford an iPad (or even if you can…) this is item 5.5 on my list for surviving grad school:


WINE!  And yes that big glass does hold an entire bottle. If you need that product too, I got your back.

Haha :) Anything else you’ve purchased/found useful? Let me know in the comments! I’ve still got a year left!!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links!

Lovely comments

  1. Mmyersslp says

    Buy the laminator…the school lamination is so much inferior to this product. The pouch lamination is much sturdier than the stuff my school provides. It’s virtually indestructible and has survived many an ASD student’s meltdowns (the school stuff gets bent to pieces under those circumstances). Just my 2 cents. I also love the tote you show here. I bought a “Thirty One” tote that I thought I would love, but it’s actually too big so when I stuff it full (which I can’t seem to stop doing), it’s too heavy to carry!

  2. Natalie S says

    Great advice! As an SLP in my fifth year, my personal laminator has saved me at time when I was at a school without a laminator, or the school ran out of laminating film for the year… In February. Also, I have the same exact bag, and it has held up super well for the last two years!

    • Shannon says

      LOVE that bag! I’ve had it for a long time and it’s held up numerous vacations and the daily abuse of grad school!

  3. John says

    Laminator is not necessary. Do not spend the money. The university will have a laminator and any job post grad school will as well.

    • Shannon says

      I agree that the program will (and jobs afterwards) but I have absolutely loved owning my own so I didn’t have to stay late nights or come in on the weekends to laminate. That still holds true today (now that I’m working). I use mine at home several times a week!!


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