Maybook Planner Review + Giveaway


Welcome to giveaway #1 in my series of ‘Back to School’ giveaways for SLPs!!

If you haven’t seen the line up/information on these giveaways, check out the post here. There will be giveaways happening all week!

This giveaway is for 1 Maybook Planner/Book that you can design yourself! Check out the site here.

Because I couldn’t decide on just one, I ordered two. You can see them as they arrived below:


BTW: This is the back and those circles are stickers on the packaging, not the planners themselves. I decided to keep mine simple and not add any personalization so the front looks the same!

So from the beginning… my books came in this ADORABLE package:


In general, the planners are stitched up the side and have a soft cover. They are very thin, portable and simple. And did I mention great looking?

Below are some pictures of the inside of each of the books I ordered:

1) Academic Agenda

 photo (3)

photo (2)

photo (4)

2) Meal Planner (funny story, I meant to order a Calorie + Exercise Journal but for some reason my brain was fried and I got this instead… haha)

 photo (5)

photo (1)

photo (6)

My Thoughts: Obviously these planners are great looking, so that’s a plus. I really like the look of them more than my previous store bought planners. They are definitely reasonably priced, especially for the customization options! I love that MayBooks offers books other than planners. I WILL be returning to purchase a Calorie + Exercise Journal at some point haha. I was worried about the soft cover, that it would get bent up. I’ve been carrying these around for about a month now and so far so good (which is impressive because I’m kind of a mess!). I think these will probably be too small for my primary school planner because I literally write EVERYTHING in my planner (think: scrub the tub tonight, pick up clothes off of the floor, take a 30 minute TV break, sometimes even ‘wash your hair!!’ when things get stressful). I think I’m going to use this planner as my blog planner. So far, it’s been PERFECT for that!


Update: In the picture below you can see how thick they are! (and my healthy snack choice haha) My desk is pretty thin, like maybe 3/4 inch. So the planners are much thinner than that!


Aren’t they cute? Over at their website you can also design baby bump diaries, meal planners, budget journals, address books, wedding diaries, and MORE! You can pick any design, customize with a monogram, and more to make it just for you!

Interested in starting your school year with one of these fabulous books? Enter the Rafflecopter below and I’ll pick one winner who can customize any book of their choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my review. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed are mine.

Lovely comments

  1. Anne says

    Maybooks are gorgeous! I’d never heard of them before, but I now am in love! I’d get a planner in Thin Chevron Ocean…although hubby and I are trying for our second kiddo, so a bump book might also be fun!

  2. Carly says

    I really like the Gray and Orchid Modern Chevron. I could use an agenda(keep things organized) and possibly an address book.

  3. Betsy B. says

    I really love the ikat navy blue! These are cute. Could you post a side view so we could see how thick they are?

    • Shannon says

      Yes! I am in the moving process but once I find one I’ll post it! They are pretty thin… maybe like a quarter inch!

  4. Elizabeth says

    I have been looking at these for months now! I could definitely use it since you know we’re busy people 😉

  5. Liz says

    I can’t even begin to pick a pattern! There are probably at least 5 different ones that I LOVE! I’d use it for trying to stay organized

  6. says

    oooh, I would love the zebra pattern. Makes me smile :) I really like their meal planner. Love that I would have it with me when I’m shopping (to remember what I had planned to cook! ha!)

  7. says

    There are so many pink designs (everything in my life is pink) but i love the aqua background with the hot pink bicycles. Makes me want to go buy the bike i have been looking at for years.

  8. Krista Keleher says

    I love the pattern with the pink bikes! It reminds me of the bike I rode everywhere during undergrad! Maybooks are seriously so cute!

  9. Stefani says

    There are sooo many cute patterns! My favorite is the Blooming Gray and Tangerine and I’d probably go with the academic planner. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  10. Jess says

    These planners are fabulous! I use my planners for absolutely everything, things-to-do lists, appointments, events, birthdays, you name it! My personal fave is the ikat navy blue! :)


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