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StoryBook Maker Review + Giveaway


Have I got an AMAZING app review and giveaway(s) for you today!! This is seriously one of my favorite apps ever. I played and played and played and played with it until I finally stopped so I could write down all of my ideas for all of you!

photo (6)

I was lucky enough to get a code to check out StoryBook Maker by Merge Mobile. Check out the fantastic reviews or see it in the iTunes Store here. It is DEFINITELY worth the $3.99. Below I’ll tell you why, what you can do with it, and giveaway 3 copies!

First, the picture above explains the basics. You can make books and input pictures, stickers, text, and MORE onto each and every page to customize it as you wish.

photo (7)

After you make the title, you can choose the layout of the first page.

photo (5)

Then your book gets saved into your library.

photo (11)

This app fits perfectly into my Story Makers folder on my iPad.


I made 5 pages to try and demonstrate the functionality of this app.

Page One: I played around with the backgrounds. Also, that tennis ball is interactive and can be bounced around! How fun πŸ™‚

photo (4)

Page Two: A more real page for us SLPs. This app would be great for making artic books! Once you make a book, it’s saved in your library for the future. Take a look at my example /r/ page.

photo (3)

Page Three: I got excited about the drawing function! See your student’s creativity come alive when they can draw on their pages!

photo (2)

Page Four: This app is PERFECT for making social stories with pictures. You can upload pictures onto the pages and personalize the text. (yes, that is me on halloween)

photo (10)

Page Five: You can make your pages look very modern and pretty! One of the distinguishing features of this app is how GREAT all of the pages look! Check out these stickers you can use!

photo (1)

Okay so now that you’ve seen some of the sample pages, let me tell you what makes this story maker app different than the rest.

1) It’s SO easy. No joke. It just makes sense. You can customize EVERYTHING and there are tons of options. Sometimes that makes apps overwhelming or hard to use. Not this app. It is flawlessy designed and organized.

2) You can save the books. Buy it now, put together some books over the summer, and enjoy an easy therapy activity during the school year!

3) It’s only $3.99. Need I say more?

4) You have access to a library of books that others have made.

5) Β It’s totally customizable and can be used in SO many ways for us busy SLPs. I could even see using this app with adult clients!

Enter my giveaway below. Merge Mobile has been kind enough to give me three codes to give away! Show them some love for their kindness, and for creating such a cool app!
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