Dysphagia Resources


Looking for CEUs, resources, apps, or books about dysphagia? Look no further! Below are my favorite dysphagia resources.

–FREE Online Resources–

 Dysarthria Profile (Revised) – The scoring form, 5 pages.


 Northern Speech Services CEUs – Click on the ‘Dysphagia’ tab.

Free LinguiSystems CEUs – Many are dysphagia related. No search feature.

SpeechPathology.com Dysphagia CEUs – $99 for a year subscription for unlimited CEU courses on a variety of topics. This link will show you the dysphagia CEU classes.

McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program – View upcoming courses (that can be used as CEUs) on this program.

–Reference Material-

Evidence Based Dysphagia Exercises: A great resource including the purpose, applicability, instructions, and warnings for each.

Swallowing: An Illustrated Journey: Great interactive visual guide that explains the stages of the swallow. Could be a great tool for patient education! *


Dysphagia Ramblings


Dysphagia App Review (Speechy Musings)

–Facebook Group–

Dysphagia Therapy Group – Professional Edition

–Pinterest Boards–

Dysphagia Board (Speechy Musings)

Dysphagia Treatment/Materials

Dysphagia (The Thrifty SLP)

Dysphagia (Therapy Midlands)

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Know of more? Let me know so I can add them! Let’s grow this resource page!

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