Dysphagia App Review

Are any of you wonderful readers SLP grad students, or even to be SLP grad students? This app review is for you, or those of you who work in the medical side of speech!

Throughout this summer, I will be adding resource pages by course content area. I’m starting with dysphagia! This app will definitely make an appearance on the resource page!

Dysphagia is an app from Northern Speech Services. It is available for both Android and iPad which is fantastic!

When you open the app, you see a normal swallow (see image below).


From there, you can adjust the speed of the video, start and pause the video, and toggle with a drop down menu to select other swallows to watch. See below for the different impairments shown in these videos:

photo (1)

Below is an example of what you can see mid-swallow. The white represents a bolus.

photo (2)

Overall, this is a great app to synthesize information learned in class! I know I will be reviewing this app before I start my adult externship in the fall. I love that I can slow the swallow down (something you can’t do with YouTube video.. haha). If you click here, you can go to Northern Speech Services’ website and see video examples of this app! It’s simple, but exactly what I need to quickly review types of swallows!


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