Camera Phonology Bundle #2 – Minimal Pairs

Did you see my last phonology bundle? If not, check out my post about it here.


There are pictures on each card so it can be used with readers and non-readers alike!  You can find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here.

This is bundle #2! It is the same as the last bundle but instead, it targets:

Weak Syllable Reduction (including both 3 and 4 syllable words)
Pre-Vocalic Voicing (with 2 sorting mats)
Stridency Deletion

Additionally, there is a board game included! In order to help you stay organized, the camera button (on the top) is labeled with the phonological process targeted!

For most of the cards, you can cue the child by asking, “What is the camera taking a picture of?”

The numbers on the bottom left corner indicate how many spaces the child can move on the included game board.
Or, use the numbers to keep track of points!

Below is a sample of one of the pages:


And below is the game board:


To buy this product or to see more pictures, check it out in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

I’m also selling both bundles together! You can find this mega bundle in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.


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