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ABC Letter Learning: App Review

I think like everybody who has an iPad, I love a great looking app!

Merge Mobile states on their Facebook page, “Educational Apps that make kids smile!” I can see why! ABC Letter Learning is such a cute app.

When you open up the app, the homepage looks like this:


As you can see, the app targets Letter Recognition, Letter Phonics, Letter Tracing, and includes printable practice sheets!

I will show you screenshots from each section! There is really a lot to this app, especially when you consider that it retails for only $1.99.

 Letter Recognition: This section says, “Find the ____” and challenges the student to find the letter on either a lower case, or upper case board.
photo (1) photo (2)

Letter Phonics:  There is a page for each letter. You can have your students play around with the object on each page, hear the letter, or hear the sound.
photo (13) photo (3)

Letter Trace: This section does exactly what it sounds like! You can have your students trace both uppercase and lowercase letters. Below is some of my beautiful work:
photo (4) photo (12)

Practice Sheets: I think my favorite thing about this app has got to be the practice sheets! When you open up that section, the menu looks like this:
photo (6)

Below are some of the examples of the easy to print, homework pages that are included:
photo (11) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10)

I told you it was cute!! You can easily print flashcards, signs, and worksheets from this app!

-Great looking (and for me, this counts!)
-Well organized
-Good use of sound effects
-Engaging pictures

-Worksheets are not always great for artic (e.g.: the S page has some s-clusters)
-The E section uses the word ‘eskimo’ which can be offensive

Overall, I would recommend this app! It is only $1.99, and when you think about even just the worksheets you get it is worth the small cost!!

Want to try it yourself?

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