Speech Flipbook App Review

I’m always on the look out for great, new apps for my new(ish) iPad. After reading a few reviews from other SLP bloggers, Speech Flipbook looked like a good one! After purchasing and playing around, I have not changed my mind! This app is GREAT!

When you open the app, the homescreen looks like this:
photo (1)

I love how it looks like an actual flipbook! Below is an example of what the “pages” of the flipbook look like.
photo (14)

You can turn the pages as well. You can change the initial consonant, the vowel, and the final consonant independently. Below is a series of screenshots to see how you can change the pages.
photo (2)
photo (3)
photo (4)
photo (5)

If you don’t want to flip through sound by sound, you can select certain targets as well. See some of the option pages below:
photo (6)photo (7)

photo (8)photo (13)


Another great feature about this app is all of the settings you can customize:
photo (10)

If you want to hear the word said aloud, you can press the word at the bottom. If you only want to hear a part, you just tap that part of the word and it will light up a different color, speaking only that part:
photo (12)
(in this example, eer was being said aloud)

This app went straight into my articulation folder, even though I can see so many other uses for it (discussed below):
photo (11)

Another way I could definitely see using this app is for phonetic transcription practice. Each word can also be displayed phonetically. If you are an SLP student studying transcription, BUY THIS APP. It will help you so much!

Overall, this is honestly one of the best, most adaptable apps I own. It was absolutely worth the cost… I would actually consider it a bargain purchase!

Interested in winning a copy of your own? Click here to check out my 1,000 Likes Giveaway page! I’m giving away 2 copies! If you don’t win, now is a great time to buy. The app is marked down for Better Speech and Hearing Month!

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