In case you missed it…. 04.21.2013

Time for another installment of ‘In case you missed it…’. It has been a crazy, busy couple weeks of graduate school for me so it was fun looking through old posts to find highlights! I really did miss a lot! In case you’re feeling the same way, below are the SLP blogger highlights from the past 2 weeks:


1) Earth Day is coming soon! Check out a post from Jenna over at Speech Room News about 12 Earth Day freebies for speech or take a look at my Earth Day Pinterest Board including all of the ideas from her page and more! While you are on my Pinterest page, check out my Mothers Day (and Fathers Day) board for some great ideas!

2) I have a new freebie targeting figurative language. Included is 17 short stories filled with idioms, similes and metaphors, as well as a graphic organizer and game die. Download it for free here.


3) A great post on ASHAsphere called, “Join in on the Stim!”. It is a wonderful read, and so true for many of our ASD kiddos!

4) A post on using Penny Boards as reinforcers in therapy. A great how-to, including a genius tip for data collection!

5) Two craftivity ideas from Crazy Speech World! They are super easy and adorable! Check out this post here.


6) If you have 20 minutes to spare, definitely watch this amazing Ted Talk with Roger Ebert. He discusses AAC and the process of remaking his voice.

7) A post from Liz’s Speech Therapy Ideas about small, portable games! If you are an SLP who travels between schools often, this may be useful for you! You can read it here.

So, there you have it! A roundup of some amazing SLP blogger posts from the past 2 weeks. Did I miss anything?

Thanks for reading!

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