Articulation Menus

Wanna spice up your articulation therapy? Look no further!


-2 menus targeting initial /s/
-2 menus targeting initial /f/
-2 menus targeting initial /l/
-2 menus targeting initial /k/
-2 menus targeting initial /g/
-3 menus targeting initial /r/
-1 menu targeting ‘sh’
-1 menu targeting ‘th’
-2 menus targeting /sp/
-1 menu targeting /st/
-2 worksheets
-1 parent handout
-1 student self-monitoring sheet
-1 die game
-2 reinforcer games

Each page looks like a menu, but the name of the restaurant, the location, and the menu items all contain bombardment of the indicated speech sound. There are 17 menus included!! Already curious? Check it out in my TpT store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here.

Working on initial /s/? Head on over to the Sunny Side Cafe and get a salad!


Additionally, three worksheets and a die game are included. Use these or have fun role playing a restaurant scenario with your students!

Slide10 Slide09

Slide08 Slide07

Now, this packet also includes a parent handout for at home activities and self-monitoring sheets for your students. See examples of those pages below:

Slide12 Slide11

This activity would be great for mixed groups as you can target expressive language, comprehension questions, scripts (ordering, taking a person’s order), social skills (what is appropriate at a restaurant), and MORE! Get creative!

Wanna see more? Download the preview on TpT for example pages! You can see exactly what you’ll be purchasing! Not convinced? Check out the feedback in my TpT store here. Below are some pictures of other menus:

Slide06 Slide05

Find it in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook store here. Thanks so much for reading!

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