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Using Elephant and Piggie Books for Speech Therapy

Biggest hit in therapy so far this semester? Elephant and Piggie books! And it’s no surprise! These books are great. Wanna know why? Read on.

1) Kids LOVE these books. In my experience, they request them over almost all other books.

2) Elephant and Piggie books are easy to read. There are few words per page, and very few difficult words. This makes them perfect for children who struggle with reading or who are beginner readers. Because of the way the text is written, it is easy for beginner readers to add emotion and a little gusto to their reading as well!

3) Every book is hilarious! I laugh out loud at all of them, and kids do too!

4) Each book has a variety of lessons. (see my ideas below) There is an unlimited number of ways to use these books and topics to cover with these books!

Below are some Elephant and Piggie books, and what topics you could cover with each:

Let’s Go For a Drive: sequencing, problem solving, inference, prediction

My Friend is Sad: social skills, being a good friend

Should I Share My Ice Cream?: sharing, social skills, prediction, friendship

Can I Play Too?: inclusion, friendship, adaptation (for friends with a variety of needs/likes)

Today I Will Fly!: determination, not giving up, being creative, problem solving, friendship, supporting your friends

We Are In A Book: perfect for reluctant readers!

In my therapy sessions, we made our own Elephant and Piggie comics that I downloaded here! Check out the picture below:


After they group wrote their own comics, they presented them in front of everybody!

It has been such a hit. I’ve gotten kids who hate writing and/or reading to ask for these books!

Want a TON more Elephant and Piggie ideas?? I’ve done all of the work for you by compiling a Pinterest board dedicated to Elephant and Piggie ideas that can be adapted for speech therapy. Check it out here.

Wanna buy some of the books? They are VERY reasonably priced through Amazon. If you weren’t convinced by me, READ THE REVIEWS!

Hope that helps give you some ideas of how to use these wonderful books in therapy.

Looking for yet another fabulous idea to pair with these books? Learn more about the interactive visuals I made for them by clicking here or on the image below.

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