Social Skills & Social Language Powerpoint

I have absolutely loved using my Phonemic Awareness Powerpoint, and decided to create a similar one targeting social skills and social language. So here it is! Or you can find it right away in my TpT Store here.

Social Skills Cover Picture

This product contains 133 slides in a Powerpoint format. This means no prep work, printing, laminating, or cutting for you!! Each answer on this Powerpoint also links to a feedback page letting your students know if they got the answer correct or incorrect!

It covers 5 topics related to social skills and social language:
Perspective Taking: 25 slides that provide a short scenario and ask, “How is she/he feeling?” and provides 3 single word choices.
Expected vs Unexpected Behaviors: 25 slides with a scenario and two choices. Either, “That was expected” or “That was not expected.” Read this great blog post about this for more information.
Kind vs Unkind Comments: 25 with a quote on them. Each slide has two choices: “Those words are kind” or “Those words are not kind.”
Making Comments: 25 slides with a short scenario and ask, “What is a comment you could make?” There are two choices for each scenario.
Asking Questions: 25 slides with a short scenario and ask, “What is a question you could ask?” There are two choices for each scenario.

There is a homepage so you can easily navigate to the specific topic you need!

Head on over to my TpT store here to download the preview to see an example page for each section! (Note: the preview doesn’t link the answers to a feedback page like the real packet does!)

Below are some sample pictures from the file:









Thank you! Again, if this seems like something you could use in your speech room, head over on over to my TpT store here and check it out!

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