The Great Fuzzy Frenzy Book Companion Pack

I have a new, exciting book companion pack! Below is the description from my TpT Store with sample pictures. You can find the product here.


This is a 77-page book companion pack designed to accompany the book “The Great Fuzz Frenzy” by Janet Stevens and Susan Stevens Crummel.

**The book will need to be purchased in addition to this packet. It does not come with the purchase! You can find it on Amazon here.

There are activities included targeting the following:

-Phonological Awareness: 1 beginning letter sounds worksheet, 1 rhyming words sorting mat, 4 sets of 3 rhyming words to sort, 1 counting syllables sorting mat, 12 syllable words with pictures and 24 syllable words without pictures for sorting


-Adjectives: 3 different worksheets for character description, 2 worksheets for describing items from the book


-Inferences: 5 inference worksheets in 3 different styles


-Learning About Prairie Dogs: One informational page, 18 comprehension question cards, 18 true/false question cards, 1 true/false visual for nonreaders


-Story Comprehension Questions: 24 comprehension question cards, 24 true/false comprehension question cards


-Story Sequencing: 18 sequencing cards (which event came first?), 6 event strips, sorting mat for event strips


-Following Directions: 24 one step direction cards, 24 two step direction cards, 18 conditional direction cards, 1 printable ‘fuzz’ prop


-Bullying: sort nice words vs mean words worksheet, discussion questions


-Game Board
-Homework Book (printable black and white small squares)
-Parent Handout

If that looks like something you’re interested in, take a look at it in my TpT Store here!

Thanks for looking!

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