Fluency Bingo!

My newest material is a Fluency Bingo Game. It targets fluency in words, phrases, sentences, conversation, and when describing a process. There are 32 cards for each level of difficulty.


Also included are 6 different bingo boards and 4 different die that prompt the child to speak using different emotions, in different voices, at different volumes, and using different rates.

You can check it out in my TpT Store here or my Teachers Notebook Store here. Or read on to learn more about it and see example pictures!




To play:

The child rolls one of the included die. They pick a card. They read the card aloud using the voice described on the die. Then, they announce to the group the picture on the bottom of the card. Everybody in the group can mark that picture off of their Bingo boards (if they have it). The first person to get five in a row shouts Bingo! and they win! :)

The file is 38 pages long and sample pictures are below:





It is now available in my TpT Store here or in my Teachers Notebook Store here. THANK YOU!


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