Cinderella Companion Book Activities

One my clients last semester was working on story comprehension. She loved Cinderella so I began creating many Cinderella themed activities. It has now turned into a full book companion packet! Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers here.

Cinderella - Book Companion Activities

This 87 page file is filled with companion activities for two books: Cinderella and Seriously, Cinderella Is SO Annoying! It can be found here.

There are activities, worksheets, and/or game cards included for the following topics:
Social Language (Conversation Starters and Social Scenarios)
Following Directions (One Step and Two Step)
Is vs Are
Story Comprehension
Point of View
++Parent handouts are included for each topic!!

Also included are:
Cover Cards
Empty Cards
Reward Tokens
Score Sheet
Game Boards (2)
Game Pieces
Foil Cards


Below are some sample pictures from a variety of sections:

Slide16   Slide51


Slide30   Slide34

If that seems like something you could use, check out my TPT Store here!

As always, thanks for your support!

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