Graduate Admissions Essay

When I wrote my essay, I remember thinking to myself… “I wish I could just read somebody else’s. Not to copy, but just to get a CLUE of where to start!”. So… here is the next best thing! Below is a list of topics I talked about in my essay, in order! This is obviously very personalized to me, and my life, but will hopefully help in deciding how and where to start!

1) Intro: I began with a personal story about my brother, what originally sparked my interest in speech-language pathology.

2) Paragraph 2: My work experience during my undergrad, and how my focus in Autism led me to want to continue my education at XYZ University

3) Paragraph 3: My background working in multidisciplinary teams, how they are important, and how I contributed to student organizations other than ones related to speech

4) Paragraph 4: The characteristics that will help me succeed in grad school. I talked about working nearly full-time during my undergrad, volunteering, etc…

5) Conclusion: Why I want to continue my education and why I picked that school. I gave information about that particular school and related it to my personal experiences outlined earlier.

Throughout my whole essay, I intertwined Autism and its importance throughout my life. I picked schools that had a focus in Autism so that I could make a fair case for why I wanted to go to each school.

I hope that helps! The most important thing is to proofread, proofread, proofread!

Lovely comments

  1. Katherine says

    Your blog is AMAZING! I’m starting the grad school application process this Fall, and randomly stumbled across your blog. This article definitely helped me get on track with what I want to write about in my personal statement. Thank you so much!

    • Shannon says

      Thank you so much, Katherine!! You just made my whole day! I really, really appreciate your comment. Glad to help! Let me know if you have any questions along the way!

  2. Betsy Vasquez says

    OMG, you are a angel. I have been trying to write a admission essay and I just couldn’t do it. I had a mental block. But now with your outline it will be much easy to get started. Thanks a million. Finding your blog was like getting a gift from god.


  3. Brooke says

    Excellent post! I’d like to add something about my experience if I may. I had a significant dip in grades for a few semesters due to a very serious issue in my personal life. I was so worried that this would ruin my application. I very briefly explained what I was going through in my statement along with how it’s made me a better student and clinician. Of course, I also included my related volunteer/work experience. I was hesitant to get so personal, but I think it helped me in the end. It’s encouraging to know that some schools appreciate life experience as well as academic. Sorry for the rant. I hope this helps someone out there! The application process can be so discouraging but do the best you can and it will happen!

    • Kara says

      I can relate! I transferred colleges to improve my GPA and mentioned that in my statement. I also took a semester off because of a seizure that I had, and mentioned that as well. I was accepted into two of the schools I applied to, and I am convinced it is because of my honesty. Of course, I mentioned leadership and volunteer experience, which I am sure helped as well!

      Something I found to be a great resource at my school was career services and the writing center. Both of these resources helped me write my personal statements and resumes.

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